The VFID Available in 128, 256 and 512 test circuits

VIFDTM Overview

Voyager Intermittent Fault Detector TM
Intermittent Fault Detection System (IFDIS)
Test Functions

Auto Map

Auto Map is a mapping utility to automatically find the nodal configuration in a Unit Under Test (UUT) without the need for detailed analysis of either the UUT or its manufacturer’s connectivity schematic data. 

Auto Map uses the dynamic switching capabilities of the compass-Voyager™ and its internal DMM to automatically test every point to each and every other connected point while logging all the connectivity information.  

Intermittence Testing

Intermittence testing detects and isolates intermittent circuits to less than 50 nanoseconds on every test point simultaneously and continuously. 

A low-level DC voltage stimulus is injected into each connected and programmed test point, whilst simultaneously monitoring all test points for any changes or anomalies in current flow. 

No scanning digital averaging or sampling is used. If a change is detected, the decoding elements of the Ncompass-Voyager™ pinpoint the failing connection or circuit and immediately display the detection result on the screen. 


testing uses an internal National Instruments Digital Multi-Meter (DMM) to take ohmic continuity readings and, if programmed, compare with a known 'Gold' reference.

Shorts Testing

determines if any of the test points have short circuit paths to any other known nodal clusters out with their own designated node.

Distance to Fault

is an optional facility that uses Spread-Spectrum TDR to locate distance-to-fault within 1%.


testing is a neural version of continuity testing that can be used to verify connection integrity quickly, as well as testing each circuit path for impedance. The results data is compared to a previously stored 'Gold' reference and any differences in impedance displayed as possible circuit problems.

Log Scope

allows the User to graphically track small resistance changes measured across any two test points, or group of test points, in the UUT to aid in diagnosing which points in a node may be causing a lack of continuity, a shorting condition, or circuit intermittency.

Ncompass VIFG Component Parts

VIFDTM Technical Specifications

Intermittent Fault Detection System (IFDIS)
Intergral Screen

55.9cm x 43,2cm x 20.3cm




Operating; 0 to 45c / Stored; -20 to 85c

Manufacturer’s Warranty: 12 Months from date of delivery, Labor and Material failure, excluding mishandling or incorrect operation.

Integral Single Board Computer
Test Software