Star Aviation puts quality first and provides value-added solutions to reduce No Fault Found, increase MTBUR, and reduce repetitive maintenance costs associated with premature removals. 

Wire Harness -Inspect/Test, Repair, Overhaul, and Modification

Star Aviation possesses extensive proficiency in the testing, repair, overhaul, and modification of wire harnesses utilized on Boeing and Airbus aircraft. Our array of cutting-edge equipment and tooling is pivotal in achieving precise fault isolation during evaluation, assembly, and testing, ensuring the utmost quality for the final product.

All hand tools are sourced from Daniels – DMC, guaranteeing the proper disassembly and assembly of each harness during the repair process, thus minimizing any potential damage. Furthermore, our computerized wire harness assembly boards play a vital role in enhancing assembly accuracy and maintaining process control throughout assembly. Additionally, the integrity of crimps for pins, contacts, terminals, and splices is meticulously examined under magnification to assess compression and ensure the inclusion of all wire strands within the crimp.

We Build QUALITY and RELIABILITY into all of our Wire Harnesses and Interface Test Assemblies (ITA's)

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