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Star Aviation and Universal Synaptics have been in a strategic partnership since 2012. We have implemented IFDIS as a diagnostic tool for all of our DER repairs and PMA-manufactured items to achieve maximum reliability. Star Aviation is the exclusive provider of Interface Test Adapters (ITA’s) to Universal Synaptics.


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Intermittence / No Fault Found (NFF) / Can Not Duplicate (CND)
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Universal Synaptics - IFDIS

Intermittent Fault Detection & Isolation System

Innovative IFD analyzers revolutionize testing industry

Universal Synaptics founders spent years in the “trenches” of the testing industry, researching and solving complex diagnostic and maintenance problems, with an intense focus on resolving the long-standing Aging / Intermittent / No Fault Found phenomenon.

Their years of research into the primary root cause of No Fault Found (NFF) and the comprehensive void that exists within traditional ATE and scanning equipment, led them to develop an all-line-all-the-time circuit analyzer known as IFDIS/PIFD. Their technology is the only system capable of accurately identifying and isolating intermittent faults that drive NFF. No Fault Found generates $6b in annual repetitive maintenance cost to the commercial aviation industry and approx. $10b for the DoD.